Ways of use

How to use the Flower?

Discover the main ways of use
There are different ways of use. As we would with any other flower, we can apply the same process to the flower of cannabis sativa L.

-Maceration: it is a way to consume the flower of hemp through maceration. Olive oil, like that of almonds, is one of the best solvents for extracting the active principles of the plant.

-Vaporization: is a way to consume cannabinoids by inhaling steam without combustion so it does not harm. It is the most immediate way to have effects after vaporization.

-Tincture: a tincture is a cold maceration of a medicinal plant in grain alcohol (pure ethanol, liquor, brandy, etc). Alcohol is used to extract the active substances contained in the plant. The alcohol that is used will vary according to the use and the power that we want to give it.

-Extraction: with a reduction of ethanol it is possible to extract a very concentrated oil, suitable for a large number of treatments. The concentrate obtained is valid for oral administration (never smoked or inhaled) by plant capsules, for example. Due to its high concentration it is recommended to start with microdoses.

-Creams or ointments: topical treatments based on hemp are effective to improve certain skin conditions, as well as being good moisturizers for the skin.

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