Frequent questions

Frequent questions

Here we will solve the most frequent doubts about the Cannabis Flower Sativa L.

Is the flower analyzed by certified laboratories ?

Our analyzes are carried out in batches by accredited laboratories

Can I request the analysis of the different flowers ?

The data of the analyzes of our products are available to the authorities

When I place my order, Will I be able to receive the analysis next to my order ?

The delivery of the final product (individual) does not include analytical certificates

Do these flowers contain levels higher than 0.2% in THC ?

All our containers have a security seal which guarantees the content of the product and its THC level is not higher than 0.2% THC

What happens if I break the security seal ?

Once the security seal is broken, this company is not responsible for the contents of the container before the authorities

What is the CBD?

CBD is one of the cannabinoids that contains the plant of Cannabis Sativa L also known as Cannabidiol. For more information access to the article What is the CBD?

¿La flor de Cannabis Sativa L se come?

Si, puedes utilizarla en la cocina para añadir a ensaladas o guisos dando un toque especial a tus platos.

¿Cómo puedo utilizar estas flores de Cannabis Sativa L?

Para saber cómo utilizar estas flores, accede al apartado FORMAS DE USO.

¿Puedo comercializar estos productos?

Contacta con nosotros y le informaremos de todo. También puede rellenar nuestro formulario para mayoristas.

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