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CBD Interaction

Cannabis Sativa L. has in its flowers various chemical elements beneficial to our body, contains: 13% protein, 24% dietary fiber, 24% carbohydrates in addition to fats, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins.

It also contains very beneficial cannabinoids for our Endocannabinoid System. In addition, it contains terpenes such as pinene, betacariofilene, limonene, among others. These terpenes are potentiators of cannabinoids and ideal for health and aromatherapy.

CBD Interaction was born from several years of effort and passion for the plant of Cannabis Sativa L. Here you will find Cannabis Sativa L. flowers without seeds and with high percentages of cannabinoids and with levels not higher than 0.2% THC.

This company is not responsible for the misuse of the product. It is not a substitute for any food or medication. If you have any questions you can consult your doctor or arrange the consultation to our collaborating Doctor.

For any legal consultation you can contact our collaborating Law Office


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